Anglesite With Cerussite
Touissit Mine, Ouijda, Morocco
Cabinet, 11.0 x 5.3 x 3.8 cm
I cannot rave enough about this one! This is a very impressive matrix specimen which combines the best of two secondary lead minerals, anglesite and, to a lesser extent, cerussite. I have never seen, in all my years selling, such a fine matrix specimen of the lemony yellow anglesite from this mine for sale on the open market. I also haven't seen any of the lemony hue with cerussite in association. Now, I have seen the more typical, paler colored anglesite in both cases...but not anglesite with the top color as you see here. Gemmy, Sulfur yellow, lustrous crystals of anglesite, with one monster 7 cm across, abound on this specimen. There is admittedly damage to some terminations on the periphery (and hence the price is not over 10k) but the display core of the piece is pristine and you see the COLOR and crystal form first, without the eye being drawn to the edges. Adding to the mix are gemmy, lustrous, slightly smoky, cerussite crystals, some, v-twinned, measuring 1.0 cm across. As you can imagine, for such soft minerals, there are minor contacts around the periphera, but this is still ONE major rock. THe elegance of the combination is really quite striking and as I have said above, I have never seen a similar specimen for sale in my time.