Touissit Mine,South of Ouijda, Atlas Mtns., Morocco
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 6.2 x 1.5 cm
Ex. Herb Obodda; Lawrence H. Conklin
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This is a SIGNIFICANT example of this rare lead species, as few fine crystals of large size were preserved. It would date from the 1980s, and was in the collection of Herb Obodda before being passed on to Larry Conklin. It is large, gemmy, and dramatic in display! Amazingly, it is nearly complete all around and even perched nicely on its ancestral galena. The 7 cm long crystal clearly exhibits beautiful phantom growth, unusual for the species and the locale. A special anglesite crystal of very large proportions, this is a gem crystal that holds its own against tourmalines in a case, and also a significant lead mineral and classic species from one of the world's best localities for it. Stunning in a case, when lit, the glassy luster being so hard to convey in photos.