Quartz (Var: Amethyst), Quartz (Var: Smoky Quartz)
Pohndorf mine, Toll Mountain, Boulder Batholith, Jefferson Co., Montana, USA
Miniature, 4.8 x 2.9 x 2.4 cm
A fine and really complicated amethyst/smoky quartz scepter from the Pohndorf Mine of Montana and the Richard Hauck Collection. This is a complete all-around, complexly doubly terminated, floater specimen that is very nearly pristine. The gemmy, intense amethyst scepter has three faces that have stepped-growth. An interesting cluster of small, smokestack-like quartz crystals are set on one side of the amethyst scepter. The smoky end has multiple terminations and additional, smaller, fascinating quartz points. Older, seldom available material.