Blue Topaz With Lepidolite
Xanda Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Cabinet, 12.0 x 11.0 x 10.0 cm (5 inches tall)
WEIGHT= 1555 grams (1.5 kilos or over 3.3 pounds!) The mineral world was all shocked when monster blue topaz began to appear on the market early last year from near the site of the original finds in 1969 in Brazil. This monstrous crystal is miraculously pristine, unlike the very few others of similar size we have seen from the find. It is one of the largest, to be sure - but more importantly than mere size, it is one of the largest that is intact and complete all around. It was protected when when this lot came out by a natural coat of lepidolite. We have removed much of the lepidolite to expose the crystal underneath. Enough has been left at the bottom to provide a sparkling contrast to the straight blue faces above. Actually, the bottom is terminated as well under the lepidolite! You can hold it, turn it over, and clearly see that it must be a floater with terminations beneath. In person, this crystal has a glassy luster and a stunning, DEEP BLUE color that is partly volumetric and so it is much more intense than in smaller crystals past or present. I would say, in fact, that this is one of the bluest blue topazes I have seen in museums and collections from the old find, or from this new find. It has a bit of opacity in the middle, but is mainly translucent - in the photos it appears less gemmy than in person. The sheer "heft" and visual impact of this piece is stunning. It can be displayed from two angles the best, but is complete all around in any case. Comes with custom engraved lucite base, for easy display.