Cinnabar, Dolomite, Quartz
Small Cabinet, 7.3 x 4.1 x 1.9 cm
Tongren Mine, Wanshan District, Tongren Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China

Three splendent, interpenetrating, drill-bit-twinned cinnabar crystals are aesthetically set on a sculptural plate of glassy quartz needles and nicely accented with cream-colored dolomite rhombs on this outstanding specimen from Tongren, China, the premier locality for fine cinnabar crystals. The superb, central crystal is 1.8 cm and all three crystals have this beautiful, "ruby-silver" look to them, just like proustite or pyrargyrite crystals. The striking center and left crystals are pristine. The right crystal's termination is pristine and the periphery contacting on the side is mostly out of sight. Ex. Wally Mann Collection. Wally bought this gorgeous piece from Bill Larson at the Pala Properties office in Fallbrook in 1985, just when specimens from China were starting to reach the market.