Calcite With Hematite Inclusions
Stank Mine, Cumberland, England
Large Cabinet, 23.0 x 18.1 x 8.8 cm
Ex. Andrew Carnegie
Prominently seen on the righthand showcase in the second shelf down, right side, this is a rather large calcite for this late-1800's-era locality. It was actually mislabeled as being from Michigan but we are positive it is the classic Stank Mine material (and numerous English collectors and dealers at the Denver show confirmed this for me). The piece has a LOT of visual pizzazz to it and is really elegantly colored by the slight hematite inclusions. The calcites sit on and radiate from a convex bubble of hematite (kindey ore) underneath. Out of several dozen crystals, only 6 are cleaved and they detract very little from the overall display qualities of the specimen (even though I have lowered the price by 2/3 because of it). Such pieces are, after over 100 years, hard to come by in anything larger than hand-sized!