Azurite, Cerussite, Bayldonite
Tsumeb Mine (Tsumcorp Mine), Tsumeb, Otjikoto (Oshikoto) Region, Namibia
Miniature, 5.0 x 3.6 x 2.7 cm
Azurite from Tsumeb is one of the most classic and highly sought after mineral species. These specimens are no longer being mined, and they have some of the most distinctive and attractive forms of any mineral. This piece features several sharp, translucent, deep blue color, "sword-shaped" crystals of Azurite which are aesthetically flaring off a matrix of pale green Bayldonite matrix and associated with slightly off-white color Cerussite. A very attractive miniature specimen and good quality for this historic locality. Ex. Richard Kosnar Collection.