Gold - Crystallized Nugget
Cabinet, 11.1 x 8.0 x 3.8 cm
Wychitella, north of Wedderburn, Central Victoria, Australia
This is a CRYSTALLIZED gold nugget from Australia, a land where usually only rounded nuggets are found. I have seen MANY Aussie nuggets over the several decades I have dealt in such things, but out of all of them perhaps this is the most interesting to my tastes, in a large size and high-weight class. It is 850 grams (about 30 troy ounces), and over 4 inches tall. It is a nugget, with all the heft and visual impact you would expect,; but it is also strangely organic and alive-looking to me. It is a complex cluster of random rounded nugget gold intermixed with the occasional offshoot of crystalline gold - especially around the top of the specimen where you can clearly see a large, hoppered octohedral crystal sticking straight up. This is a very robust, 3-dimensional crystal, and it "makes the piece," so to speak. The color is a unique brassy hue, characteristic of Wedderburn material I am told. This came into the US first through a prominent collector who had bought it from well known gold dealer Anthony Fraser, in the early 2000's. I have now owned it twice, happily able to exchange it back about a year ago. I have not raised the price with regard to the intrinsic weight value of the specimen, compared to the old price plus a bit of reasonable appreciation I paid to get it back. In other words, if you value the weight content highly, this piece has it. But as a specimen, it does stand on its own merits at a multiple of spot that used to be 3-4X and is now not even 2X spot.