Fluorite on Dolomite
Shangbao, Hunan Province, China
Cabinet, 11.6 x 6.8 x 6.4 cm
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This is from a new pocket found at the end of 2008, and quietly trickled into Tucson in 2009. It is a select, cherry picked piece featuring cuboctahedral purple crystals phantomed with deep purple cores. Only a handful of specimens in this pocket were purple! The fluorite is perched on beautiful, lustrous, dolomite crystals. The dolomites have a porcelain-like quality to them and the stark contrast in texture and geometry is appealing. The larger fluorite, 3.4 cm across, is pristine and the smaller one is nearly so (with only a small contact-induced spot on the far left edge of one corner). The dolomite on the display face has excellent luster, and is complete except for only a few peripheral crystals. I know that quality specimens from this pocket were going for prices much higher than this, under the table and privately at Tucson. It will, in retrospect, turn out to be one of the more interesting fluorite combinations from China and is really a unique combination so far as I can see.