Adamite var. Cuprian
Hilarion Mine, Lavrion, Lavreotiki, Attica, Greece
Miniature, 3.6 x 2.6 x 0.8 cm
Ex. Christos Spiromitros
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Sparkling, intense example of Cuprian Adamite from this famed Greek locality, with a shockingly saturated color that came out only infrequently for this material and sets it apart from other finds. This miniature consists of lustrous, rich, teal-green spherical aggregates measuring up to 1 cm across, on matrix. These gemmy-to-translucent clusters slither their way in a serpentine string across the Gossan matrix, and the contrast between the two is attractive and aesthetic. Collected in 2022, it displays very well, and demonstrates why Lavrion, which dates all the way back to the Bronze Age, was one of Europe's most storied localities. And still it is producing fine specimens!