Fluorite on Calcite
Tule Mine, Múzquiz Mun., Coahuila, Mexico
Cabinet, 10.7 x 8.2 x 7.0 cm
Ex. Ruben Avila
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Fluorite that looks like the Borg alien ships from Star Trek, with all of these geometric and patterned outgrowths, is something we see from old finds at the Tule Mine (often referred to merely as "Musquiz" fluorite). From some few old pockets, the more classic association is fluorite on blades of white celestine. However, THIS specimen is truly unique, as it features a mass of thick, deeply colored purple fluorite perched on a golden yellow calcite rhombohedron. It is unique in our experience, at least, amidst pieces we have seen since the 1980s. I have no idea when it would have come out, but it is an aberration. The specimen displays fantastically. The lustrous and translucent cubes of rich purple fluorite, to 4 cm across, are perched dramatically atop a lustrous and translucent calcite crystal that is 7 cm across. It displays very well and is complete all around except for some small contacts and acceptable small dings or dents here and there, that disappear in context of this 3-dimensional piece. The balance works and the contrast of both shape and color is wonderful. It is a truly different Mexican combination specimen, which we were happy to see as a surprise in this collection of Mexico-based collector Ruben Avila.