Fluorite on Fluorite
Penny's Zone, Rogerley Mine, Stanhope, Co. Durham, England, UK
Small Cabinet, 9.8 x 6.1 x 5.8 cm
Ex. Tim Sherburn
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Tim Sherburn was a stunningly nice guy and incredibly knowledgeable mineral collector who ended up specializing in, among other things, English and UK minerals with an emphasis on fluorites and the famous Rogerley Mine. When the mine was being operated by the team of Graeber and Fisher with partners throughout most of the early 2000s, Tim was the major force in cleaning and preparing specimens, something he continued doing under the new mine ownership until he passed away. Nobody had as much familiarity with the pockets, and the differences between them, as Tim. He kept a fine small cabinet specimen from each as his commission for cleaning work, and assembled a choice collection of pieces from each pocket that we wish we had been able to buy intact for its educational value alone. Tim prized aesthetics and quality. This specimen features both - a huge 4.8 cm perfect crystal sitting atop a natural pedestal of other fluorites, from the Penny's Zone in 2012, which he personally was involved in collecting and processing. I had the honor to buy some of the collection from him directly in 2022.