Calcite var. Cobaltian, on Pyrite
Bou Azzer mining district, Draa-Tafilalet Region, Morocco
Small Cabinet, 7.3 x 5.5 x 3.0 cm
Ex. Kurt Hefendehl
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This charming, small-cabinet specimen of lustrous, translucent-to-gemmy crystals of the Cobaltoan Calcite is exceptional on several levels. First, the pretty pink Calcite crystals are just interesting: highly-flattened rhombs that are stacked in elongated clusters, up to 2 cm, that seem almost zoomorphic in nature. Nicely distributed over half the matrix, they really do have the look of a group of creatures milling around. These Calcites even have a light-orange fluorescence. Second, the underlying layer is composed of well-crystallized Pyrites up to 1 cm. It is unusual to find the associated Pyrite so well-developed, and it is a bonus that elevates the level of this piece. The contrast in color and form really make the pink Calcites stand out, creating an excellent aesthetic. Bou Azzer is a classic locality for this attractive variety of Calcite, and it has produced arguably some of the best specimens seen. We have simply never seen any similar specimens on crystallized pyrite, out of at least a thousand or more over the last decade. This is from an older find, a previous era of production at the mine, probably from the 1980s.