North Vernon, Jennings Co., Indiana, USA
Miniature, 4.0 x 3.6 x 2.9 cm
Ex. Jack Halpern
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The limestone quarry at North Vernon Indiana has arguably produced some of the best Calcites in the U.S. This handsome, amber-colored, highly-modified crystal from the Jack Halpern collection sits on a few shards of matrix, and is a full 3.5 cm top to bottom. The core has an ethereal, translucent cloudiness to it that is surrounded by a thick transparent, rich amber rim that hosts a remarkable, 1.5 mm thick, reddish-brown zone about 1 mm back from the bounding faces of the crystal. The large, diamond-shaped rhombohedral faces are sharp and lustrous while the faces around the periphery are also lustrous, but have unusual, rounded edges on the the complex forms. A SUPERB competition-level miniature, it is a lovely Calcite with only a trace of edge wear in places. Ex. Jack Halpern collection with label.