Calcite on Fluorite
Sub-Rosiclare level, Bahama orebody, Denton Mine, Harris Creek Mining Sub-Dist., Hardin Co., Illinois, USA
Small Cabinet, 6.7 x 5.0 x 3.8 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie; Jack Halpern

This is a choice cluster of bright, light honey colored Calcite perched on a duo of stepped-growth, translucent, deep purple Fluorite mined from the Bahama Pod at the Denton Mine in Southern Illinois in 1992. The Calcite consists of just over a dozen, transparent, gemmy and super lustrous, pale honey colored, stout, rhombohedral crystals up to 2 cm across aesthetically placed on the Fluorite. The Calcite crystals are completely transparent, free of any damage and are just gorgeous! Their distribution on the Fluorite is well balanced resulting in a nicely composed specimen. The Fluorite pair is quite attractive in its own right with the largest deep purple cube 3.8 cm on edge and the other 2.8 cm across. Growth hillocks and stepped growth are apparent on all of the cube faces of these sharp crystals. You rarely see such a dramatic combination of Calcite on Fluorite from the Denton Mine these days. A choice and attractive small cabinet specimen that is at the higher end of these combinations. Ex. Ross Lillie collection #4111 with label. Collected in 1992 by W. Smith, and noted on Ross's label as a "superb specimen", this piece has a charm all its own. It is as much like a "jewel" as you can wish for in a calcite specimen! We sold this to Jack Halpern in 2014 after getting the lions share of quantity of the famous LIllie collection. Recently, re-obtained from Jack, and offered again to the public.