Fluorite with Aragonite
"Queen of Green" pocket, Diana Maria Mine, Rogerley Quarry, Stanhope, County Durham, England, UK
Cabinet, 10.9 x 9.8 x 7.4 cm
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An exciting new mine entry in the western extension of the old Rogerley quarry called the Diana Maria mine was started in 2017 and has produced some of the greatest English fluorites in modern times. As this is solely a specimen recovery mine (and the only major specimen recovery operation still going in England today), the pieces are professionally extracted, preserving the quality of pockets such as the Queen of Green. Numerous limpid green fluorites are visible through a thick aragonite coating. There are 6 unusual stalactite growths of aragonite on this piece. Many crystals are covered by aragonite but the largest exposed fluorite reaches 2.2 cm across. A beautiful piece from the recent finds that is somewhat unique compared to the rest!