Fluorite with Aragonite
"Queen of Green" pocket, Diana Maria Mine, Rogerley Quarry, Stanhope, County Durham, England, UK
Cabinet, 12.9 x 8.2 x 4.3 cm
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The sparkly fluorites from England are world-renowned for their deep green color, penetration twinning, translucency, daylight fluorescence and the gemmy quality of the crystals. They are modern UK classics and the specimens from the Queen of Green pocket are considered some of the finest specimens recovered from the mine in recent memory. The crystals are slightly frosted with very gemmy corners but still exhibit the full range of color change to a vivid blue-green when exposed to sunlight. Although not visible from the front, the fluorites crystallized on top of a layer of galena, which can be seen on the periphery of the plate. There is also an aragonite accent in the bottom left of the plate. The largest water-clear fluorite cluster measures 2.5 cm across and is situated in the middle of the plate, surrounded by frosty crystals. This is a huge plate to have such coverage, in good condition. There is no damage on any crystal on the plate as this was carefully and professionally extracted to be sold on the market. It's a fine addition to any collection!