Spinel in Calcite
Mahenge, Morogoro Region, Tanzania
Miniature, 3.9 x 3.8 x 2.3 cm
$3,500.00 Payment Plan Available
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These were found recently, in the end of 2019, and, this is a rather large and complete Spinel for the find with unusual hot pink-red color and good symmetry that is rare in this size. This crystal is complete all around with a robust octahedral form. When cut, the finest hot red Spinels from this locality can bring up to $25,000 a carat! There are probably gem zones inside if you cut it, small ones anyhow. This is a large and very attractive miniature with the hot maroon-red color contrasting perfectly with the snow-white Calcite matrix. Large crystals like this on matrix are very rare. Excellent presentation in a display case!

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