Silver ps. Dyscrasite
Pribram, Pribram Dist., Czech Republic
Cabinet, 11.7 x 8.5 x 3.7 cm
Ex. University of Delaware
$6,000.00 $4,500.00
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Heavy at 420 grams, you can tell just by hefting it that this is nearly pure silver, and in fact it is silver replacement after dyscrasite, on massive silver (and arsenic) ore. This is classic old European material, and the old stuff is weighty and massive, like you see here - newer material collected in modern times is more lightweight, more gracile and delicate to my eye. This specimen is complete all around. The crystals sit on matrix of massive arsenic, with banded and curved patterns. It came out of the University of Delaware museum, and then ended up in the collection of old classics of George Elling. Much of the core of that collection came from the collection of Irenee DuPont, although if this did (as we suspect it might given the age), it has lost the label and tag. Still, it is an antique. Hefty, big, showy, and important historically, we seldom see such specimens for sale.