Fluorite with Calcite on jura limestone
Orismuhle Quarry, Seltisberg, Liestal, Basal-Land, Switzerland
Large Cabinet, 14.3 x 8.6 x 7.3 cm
Ex. Brent Lockhart

This specimen may not seem at first like a very important piece compared to the much more famous Swiss pink fluorites, the pocket of Swiss blues or greens (one is in this update as well), and such classics, but that is because this is so rare and seldom seen. This is a fluorite from the other side of Switzerland compared to where the pinks are found, and it is remarkable because it has these beautiful honey-colored crystals (to 1 centimeter) situated in the famous Jura limestone matrix. It comes out of a quarry instead of a mountain cleft, as most of our other Swiss minerals - very different geology. Only one small pocket of this material was found in the early 2000s. It is seldom for sale. This is a very aesthetic presentation piece of this rare hard rock quarry material, provided to Brent by Siber & Siber in 2016