Quartz and Calcite with iron staining
Crapteig, Thusis, Graubunden, Switzerland
Cabinet, 11.0 x 8.3 x 6.5 cm
Ex. Brent Lockhart

A special Quartz specimen from Switzerland that really defies easy classification and stands out from all the other clear, smoky, or in-between colored crystals you've seen from Switzerland before. Unusually, this has some slight inclusions of iridescent iron oxides within and on the surface that give the piece a brilliant and rainbow-colored sheen to it, quite different than other finds. It is not really included by hematite or iron, and it has a minute near-surface association with the mineral that gives it the colors. It is complete all around, and associated with minor limonite and calcite crystals as well. Purchased from noted Swiss dealership Siber & Siber in summer 2016 from recent finds at that time. I have always thought this looked like a strange Brazilian quartz, oddly stuck in among the clear and smoky quartzes that made up a whole showcase of this fantastic Swiss specialty collection when it was in its original home.

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