Native Silver (Colorado!)
Smuggler Mine, Aspen, Aspen Dist., Pitkin Co., Colorado, USA
Thumbnail, 2.8 x 1.5 x 0.9 cm
Ex. Shields and Frances Flynn

A simply stunning Colorado silver-rush era specimen of thick ropey silver crystals, probably from the late 1800s or early 1900s, and overall a fine and competitive-level thumbnail specimen. This came from Ernie Schlichter's collection when Shields Flynn got the TN core of it, and Ernie's label notes the purchase from East Coast dealer John Shannon. It does look at first like Kongsberg, Indeed, but on close inspection seems a little differently put together, for lack of a better way to say it. Shields Flynn had a large silver suite in this collection, and this and others had been shown around and verified as much as he could. We do believe it. It is a dramatic specimen, standing vertical and proud.