Fluorite (1800s classic locality)
Freiberg, Mittelsachsen, Saxony, Germany
Cabinet, 11.2 x 10.6 x 5.6 cm
Ex. Smithsonian Institution; Jack Halpern
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This bright cluster is an old classic German Fluorite from Jack Halpern's collection. Gemmy and lustrous, these intergrown golden yellow Fluorite cubes create a very fine, cabinet-sized cluster of cubes that average 1 cm in size with one at 2.2 cm on edge. The display face is completely covered in translucent to transparent Fluorite cubes that have great three-dimensional composition, with a low ridge on one side covered in Fluorite that is offset on the other side with the large Fluorite balancing it. The crystals have good luster with a few select faces exhibiting a fine Calcite coating and there are a few small bundles of Calcite crystals to a few millimeters concentrated on the same faces that are coated. The cubes are virtually pristine with only minor edge wear on a few and some contacting locally along the periphery as expected. The piece displays good, bluish-purple fluorescence. Ex. U.S. National Museum (Smithsonian) and Jack Halpern collections with labels.