Magnetite (unusual locale)
Kovdor mine, Kovdor, Kola peninsula, Murmanskaja Oblast, Russia
Cabinet, 13.1 x 8.4 x 8.3 cm
Ex. Chet Lemanski
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A superb, large specimen featuring several large, lustrous, black, modified octahedral magnetite crystals to 1 3/8" on edge on contrasting white calcite matrix. The bright, perfectly formed, modified, octahedra on this cabinet piece measure up to 3 cm on edge! There are over a dozen beautiful Magnetite crystals that grace the salt and pepper textured matrix and every one of them is sharp and shiny, ranging from complete crystals internal to the piece to mostly complete crystals around the periphery. The large white area central to the Magnetite crystals is composed of sugary textured Quartz that has been acid etched away from the Magnetite crystals. This same sugary textured Quartz comprises the the light colored portion of the salt and pepper texture of the matrix along with contrasting, tiny Magnetite octahedrons. Ex. Chester Lemanski collection, acquired in a large lot of fantastic Kovdor Iron Mine specimens purchased at one lot, in 2001, from Dr. Gennady (Gene) Skublov, who I believe was associated with the Fersman Museum of Moscow at the time.

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