Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 5.0 x 3.2 cm
ZCA Mine No. 4, Balmat, St Lawrence Co., New York, USA
Ex. Ken Hollmann
Magnetite from this mine in upstate NY really stunned people when it first started trickling out, in the 1980s, and I have not heard of any good, fresh finds since the mid-1990s. Apparently these come from a deep, relatively inaccessible level for collectors. This specimen has crystals to 2 cm, and overall very little damage, mostly peripheral. These magnetites to me are best of species - I know some will disagree, choosing instead the sharp Swiss octohedra. But, for me, I like the metallic, jet black, intricate cubes of the NY Magnetites better - and the specimens are larger and more pretty, overall, too. This is a major classic but more than that something really different for a common species normally relegated to the drawers and not to display in a showcase. Ex. Ken Hollman Collection
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