Iron Hat Mine, Amboy, San Bernardino Co., California, USA
Small Cabinet, 8.5 x 5.6 x 3.8 cm
Ex. Robert E. Reynolds
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Several nice dodecahedral and octahedral Magnetite crystals highlight this piece from this somewhat obscure California iron mine where Magnetite was actually the primary ore mineral. A dozen or so well-formed, black-brown Magnetite crystals up to 2 cm in size are clustered on a piece of tan colored, contrasting matrix for great effect. The dodecahedral and octahedral crystals stand out against the light colored host rock. It is very unusual to have both Magnetite crystal forms on the same specimen and dodecahedral Magnetite crystals aren't common. This piece is dominated by that form. We have never seen a specimen from this occurrence before as it is a small deposit and was mined by trenches and supposedly from small underground workings. A very good cluster of Magnetite from this locality that looks to be partially altering to Goethite. Bob Reynolds, as curator and mineralogist at the San Bernardino museum, probably self collected this specimen as a large number were in the collection when we bought it (this being the best overall). Significant California mineral specimen!