Conichalcite and Chalcoalunite with Calcite
Yangwan Copper deposit, Malipo Co., Wenshan, Yunnan, China
Cabinet, 12.6 x 6.2 x 3.7 cm

From a new find in China in 2019 comes this vibrantly colored combo specimen of vivid, emerald green Conichalcite with bright Turquoise-colored Chalcoalunite (a rare, lightweight, aluminum-based mineral). Alternating layers of Chalcoalunite and Conichalcite sandwich a thin layer of brown-red matrix with the Chalcoalunite consisting of layers and crusts of a bright, somewhat earthy, turquoise-blue mixed with intermediate layers of emerald green Conichalcite, topped by a final dense coverage of very vivid, emerald green Conichalcite. The Conichalcite occurs as abundant, small (2 mm) interconnected botryoids richly clustered atop the piece. And, the green colors are beautifully accented by translucent white clusters of Calcite (1-3 mm). A showy piece with great contrast from this obscure Chinese locality! We purchased these in China in early 2020, and at the time they were an unknown, and described as being from "Guizhou" to hide the sourcing. One year later, I have seen only a handful of others, and no big production.