Cabinet, 10.7 x 1.4 x 1.0 cm
Quy Chau District, Nghe An Province, Vietnam
A very color-saturated, intense-blue TRANSPARENT GEM Aquamarine from Vietnam whose color rivals that from any of the best worldwide Aquamarine localities. The color is intense and reminds me only of a few Jos Plateau Aquamarines I have seen in the past as it is a much deeper blue than Aquas from Pakistan or Brazil. This nearly four and a half inch prismatic crystal is complete all-around, 360 degrees and has sharply defined edges and faces with a complex pyramidal termination. Mass of this stunner is 28 grams. From a modern discovery, picked out of a pile of facet rough by video before the rest of the pocket was sent for cutting. This is the ideal color for gems and cutting rough, sadly for us collectors.
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