Fluorite and Quartz with Hematite- illustrated
Miniature, 4.9 x 3.3 x 2.8 cm
Johannesschacht Mine, Wolsendorf Fluorite Mining District, Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany
Ex. Kay Robertson

Very fine cluster of lustrous Fluorite, with Quartz, from the old Johannesschacht Mine in Bavaria. The Fluorites, which range up to 1.1 cm, have an excellent, glassy luster and a deep purple color that is actually a variegated purple and gold. There are radiation spots within the Fluorites, not at all a surprising considering the significant amount of Uranium minerals at this mine. The euhedral Quartzes are excellent, and they are rife with abundant Hematite inclusions. The piece is in excellent condition considering its age, with just one corner on one of the Fluorites showing wear. This is a choice and aesthetic miniature from an old-time and classic mining district. This is prominently illustrated in the recent 64-page article on Kay in Mineralien Welt (6-2017).