Gold on Quartz
Round Mountain Mine, Toquima Range, Nye Co., Nevada, USA
Cabinet, 9.8 x 7.5 x 4.0 cm

This specimen has a huge surface area of intergrown thick gold leaves, measuring 7 x 4 cm and a full 2 cm thick, perched on top of well trimmed matrix. This is a huge display face for a specimen from this mine, which produces very few gold specimens currently, but had a bonanza about 10 years ago. It is solid and sturdy, not leafy and fragile as are so many from here, and has a real heft to it (gold is heavy!) The specimen is 3-dimensional and has the luster and color that goes with it, of nearly pure gold. An old piece, surely. Photo by Joe Budd. Comes with a custom lucite base.

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