Siderite "Horse Tooth" on Quartz
Small Cabinet, 6.4 x 2.8 x 2.2 cm
Great Onslow Consols, St. Breward, Cornwall, England, UK
Ex. Simon Lawrence; Nick Carruth
These are one of the ultimate Cornwall classics, totally unique to this day. I have seen articles complaining about how they were priced higher than gold, in the early 1800s! To own one was considered a benchmark in any Cornish collection by the mid-1800s. This specimen was exchanged out of the Plymouth Museum to Peter Golley, and sold to Nick Carruth long ago. It is remarkably aesthetic and in good condition, rare for this size. Unusually elongated, waxy-lustrous, chocolate-colored siderite crystals, to 1.5 cm in length are emplaced nicely on one side of a lustrous and translucent, colorless quartz crystal, measuring 5.8 cm in length. The largest siderite crystal is also doubly terminated. Ex. Nick Carruth collection along with his label, and Golley's. The Carruth Cornish collection sold in its entirety to Simon Lawrence, who is building his own Cornish collection and selling only duplicates (and of this, he had one from me via the Asselborn collection, roughly equivalent although they are slightly different in aspect).