Adamite (fluorescent)
Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Cabinet, 9.8 x 7.5 x 5.4 cm
Ex. Kay Robertson
A truly great example of the apple-green adamite from Ojuela is a rarity, despite thousands of lesser specimens on the market from repeated finds over decades here. Most collectors would agree that a single large find of 1969 produced the best of them, and we have one example from that pocket here: Imposing, flashy, and elegant all at the same time, this amazing Adamite is a cabinet piece of museum quality and size. The Adamite is the classic "neon green-yellowish," with top luster; and it has great fluorescence. The surface condition is pristine and the three major spherical clusters range up to 4.5 cm. There is no damage of note, and only a few peripheral contacts. Two large radiating clusters point up and out, as I display the piece, but there is another complete radial spray on the bottom as it sits, as well. Adamite is highly prized in most collections, and the 3-dimensionality of this significant cabinet specimen helps make it incredibly aesthetic and super-choice. The color can be sensitive to lighting. Shown here are photos under standard desk halogen (or showcase halogen) lamps, and a final photo simply holding the piece in a hallway under fluorescent ceiling lights, shot with an iPhone in my hand. Custom lucite display base is included.