Hematite ps. Magnetite
Small Cabinet, 9.2 x 5.5 x 5.4 cm
Payun volcano, Altiplano de Payun Matru, Mendoza, Argentina
Ex. Herb Obodda

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The pseudos out of this national park area in Argentina were (and are) quite the sensation for their sharpness and aesthetics. This piece is likely from the second wave, which has produced pseudos with a much higher metallic luster and sheen than the original specimens from the 1990s. For my taste, this is one of the best. Along with the stunning sculptural form of the original Magnetite crystals, in both sharp octahedrons and exquisite hopper growth, this specimen has outstanding luster. The largest octahedron is elongated, and measures an amazing 5.2 cm in length! I will admit that this is pricier than most, but its also bigger and better than most. The balance and aesthetics of the piece just really good! Note that it still has trace amounts of mine-run grains of dirt attached, thus proving the luster is real and not a product of "over cleaning" in a lab.

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