Botryoidal Fluorite "Purple Turtle"
new Mine, near De'An, Wushan, Jiangxi Province, China
Large Cabinet, 20.5 x 19.0 x 11.2 cm
A stunning, rather large example of this new find which MUST be the finest examples yet known of botryoidal growth in fluorite....and the WHOLE SPECIMEN is composed of uniformly translucent and beautiful fluorite! The color is saturated throughout, meaning this has huge carving rough value for a start. When backlit, especially at the edges, it glows with an inner color. When not backlit, its still purple like grapes, without need of special lighting. In other words, its not too dark a color. This specimen is completely hemispherical and is contacted only on the bottom where it grew against the matrix, and a small bit of the botto of the piece which is rough (where you would stand it up anyhow on a base I can make for it). This is a new locality, and a mine name is not known at this time (well, not known to me, anyhow). This baby weighs in at about 14 pounds!