Allargentum and Silver pseudomorph after Dyscrasite
Bouismas Mine, Bou Azzer District, Tazenakht, Ouarzazate Province, Morocco
Miniature, 5.0 x 4.7 x 1.5 cm
Spectacular, dendritic growth on a natural pedestal of contrasting calcite, of allargentum and silver. These two species have pseudomorphed dyscrasite (X-RAY and RAMAN run on multiple samples confirm that these crystals are a zoned mix of both). The crystals are lustrous and vary from dark gray to silver, in color. The largest crystal is a spinel twin and reaches 4 cm in length. Allargentum is a rare silver antimonide and this is one of the best finds for the species (2015). This specimen came at the tail end of the find, by the way - earlier specimens were more crudely crystallized, and only a relative handful at the end seemed to have this kind of quality and sharpness to them - to me, these are therefore the ones to truly value! Direct from the source, I was luckily the first to see some of these when they came out of acid from removing the overlaying massive calcite.