Rare Goldfieldite with Famatinite
Combination mine, Mohawk, Goldfield, Esmeralda Co., Nevada, USA
Cabinet, 7.0 x 4.0 x 3.0 cm
Ex. Paulo Matioli; Forrest and Barbara Cureton
Reniform masses of metallic gray to gray-bronze goldfieldite overgrown by crustiform banded quartz and carbonate, a texture typical of epithermal gold deposits. Goldfieldite also occurs as tiny (<0.5mm) crystals and nubby clusters that locally protrude from the white quartz druse. Isolated euhedral to subhedral, brown-red, sub metallic laths of famatinite to 3.5mm are observed locally dispersed in the goldfieldite and quartz; very evident with the aid of a loupe or microscope. A really great specimen for both species. Ex. Forrest and Barbara Cureton, and Paulo Matioli collections.