Yanomamite (type locality) with Albite, Scorodite, Topaz, Cassiterite and Quartz
Mangabeira deposit, Monte Alegre de Goias, Goias, Brazil
Miniature, 4.3 x 3.7 x 3.6 cm
Ex. Paulo Matioli
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Yanomamite is an exceedingly rare indium arsenate hydrate from an unusual tin-indium zone of mineralization in the Mangabeira Granitic Massif in the Goias State of Brazil and is the type locality. It is named after the indigenous Yanomani people of the Amazon basin in Brazil. This piece is a great example of this unusual occurrence and consists mostly of sugary, white Albite and Topaz with a salt and pepper texture of 1 mm or less, subhedral crystals of blue-green Scorodite, black Cassiterite and tiny plates and clusters of yellow-green Yanomamite. The only other locality for the species is in Portugal. Exceptionally rare and unusual. Ex. Paolo Matioli collection (he had one large chunk we trimmed into sections when we purchased this collection nearly a decade ago, and most sold to museums at the time). Rare, scientifically important material> Mark Feinglos looked at these samples and said this may have been the world's richest specimen, as each piece like this was richer and more loaded with crystalline material than anything he had seen in previous samples.