Calcite on Fluorite
Sub-Rosiclare Level, Bahama Pod, Denton Mine, Harris Creek District, Illinois, USA
Small Cabinet, 6.1 x 4.8 x 4.4 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie
This dramatic phantomed calcite is, to me, an iconic specimen from the mine and the district. While not the most expensive calcite in this collection by a long shot, it is one of my top picks for the species out of the 2000-plus specimens in this collection for a calcite of any size. Mined in May of 1992, this specimen features a superbly crystallized, glassy and gemmy, rich amber calcite crystal measuring 4 cm in length, perched aesthetically on cubic, lustrous and translucent, rich purple colored fluorite (to 2.8 cm on an edge). An outstanding example of the calcite on fluorite combination for which the Denton Mine is justly famous! Fluoresces a light blue color, as a bonus, due to microscopic petroleum inclusions. RCL 623