Anglesite Ps. Galena With Cerussite
Miniera San Giovanni, Punta delle Torre, Sardinia
Small Cabinet, 7.0 x 6.9 x 4.2 cm
Ex. Giancarlo Fioravanti

Unusual combination specimen with both Galena and Cerussite from the famous Monteponi Mine. The discreet and sharp dodecahedrons of Galena reach up to 1.5 cm, and some have been partially altered (to anglesite, we guess), making for what seem like hollow Galena casts. The surfaces are silky and sparkly, almost certainly due to that same alteration to drusy Anglesite (or Cerussite). This is a highly desired effect, also famously seen at other locations such as the Blanchard Mine in New Mexico. The bladed Cerussites have superb luster, and are up to about 2.5 cm across. A very good, lead-rich specimen from this important old locality.

Note from Dr. Matthias Mangold: After my opinion the piece is not from Monte Poni but from Miniera San Giovanni, Punta delle Torre, Sardinia. I was looking more than 30 years ago with a Sardinian geologist to Punta delle Torre when this locality was not yet discovered by mineral hunters. At the entrance (right side) of a small carst cave one could fine nice examples of such pieces - sometimes together with baryte and sometimes encrusted by hemimorphite.

All the best
Dr. Matthias Mangold