Andradite Garnet on Hedenbergite
Huanggang mines, Keshiketeng, Inner Mongolia A.R., China
Cabinet, 13.5 x 13.2 x 9.5 cm
Ex. Dr. Robert Lavinsky

This unusual specimen features a hedenbergite matrix with vertical crystal laths, to 4.5 cm in length, which are smothered by intergrown, lustrous, olive-green andradite garnets to 6 mm across. The whole specimen exhibits a mountainous landscape with valleys in between. I purchased this in China in 2011, as Huanggang was really opening up. It was in my collection for several years, as I kept a systematic suite of display quality material from this mine for exhibition in Tucson (University of Arizona Museum exhibition: Crystalline Treasures - the Mineral Heritage of China) during the 2012 year. It is a fine piece that is more pristine and more 3-dimensionally interesting than others of this material I saw at the time.