Andradite Var. Demantoid Garnet
Antetezambato, Ambanja District, Diana Region, Antsiranana Province, Madagascar
Toenail, 3.0 x 2.5 x 1.8 cm
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This specimen is from the finds of 2009 in Madagascar, from a dangerous, mangrove-covered deposit that floods for most of the day during the collecting season there. While many came out, briefly, we feel this deposit will be short lived. This is a stunning small miniature or large thumbnail (a "toenail"), one that was held back until recently, by one of the sources. This piece features large, glassy and gemmy, grass-green demantoid crystals, measuring 1.75 cm in length, stacked together on a thin shard of matrix. This is a superb example for the size range, and features garnets of a quality that, if from the old classic locale in Italy, would be priced with another "zero" in the price. Such rich specimens were uncommon even in this find, as many as there were in the first tranches. Further production here declined in 2010 and I expect to continue at only a modest pace compared to the easier pickings of the first year. For more information, see our update from 2010, here: http://www.irocks.com/Demantoid_Garnet_Topazolite_Garnet_Madagascar_Garnet.html. Joe Budd photos