Cabinet, 11.1 x 6.5 x 5.2 cm
Mina Christiana, Laurium, Greece

This is a crust composed of very attractive, spherical aggregates of sparkling, slightly translucent, vibrant, purplish blue azurite. The largest sphere measures 1.5 cm across. This is a superb specimen, said to be one of the very best, from a small find of early 2012. The sparkly, sugary look, and the ball-shaped clusters growing in a chain upon each other, are highly unusual and make this stand out dramatically from azurites of other locales. The piece is nearly, though not quite, a floater - mostly complete all around. It has a rich bright color, that is hard to convey, but is somewhat less dark than "usual" for azurite. Small alterations to malachite are present on some few balls of azurite.

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