Milpillas Mine, Cuitaca, Santa Cruz Mun., Sonora, Mexico
Miniature, 5.3 x 4.3 x 2.0 cm
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There were, not too long ago, many Milpillas Azurite pieces on the market - but few with the outstanding character and composition of this miniature. This piece is very aerial and three-dimensional, composed of around two dozen exceptionally well-formed, super lustrous and isolated Azurite crystals to 1.7 cm. These stunning crystals are all an elongate diamond shape in outline with each crystal having crisp edges and incredible luster. The dramatic shape results from the fact that they were totally unencumbered by interfering growth of other things, as were so many of these pieces. Each of the faces on these crystals just bristle with intense luster and reflectivity which is augmented by their electric blue internal reflections! This piece is incredibly aesthetic with the absolute best balance and composition one could ask for in a Milpillas Azurite or and Azurite from any locality. It is a near floater with only one point of contact on the underside where there is also a trace of Malachite that adds a bit of color contrast to the piece. A truly exceptional Azurite miniature from the watercourse find, a large discovery around 2015.