Acanthite With Calcite
Langis Mine, Casey Township, Cobalt Area, Ontario, Canada
Cabinet, 14.0 x 8.0 x 3.0 cm
A remarkable old specimen from the famous Cobalt mines, with large, flat-laying acanthites on matrix with calcite. Admittedly crude, but large crystals and overall not so ugly - and very important for the locality! It was found in 1960. From the noted collection of John Durkos, who built the best-documented and most extensive collection of silvers and silver species from the Cobalt area mines during their times of operation. His collection was particularly noted for detail such as when the specimens were collected, which he tracked down with care in buying directly from the miners. His collection passed on to Richard Hauck in the 1990s, who sold this to a silver collector at that time. It has not before been offered for public sale and is, in my opinion, an important and historic Canadian specimen.