Quartz Var. Amethyst
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Cabinet, 11.0 x 10.0 x 5.4 cm
While amethyst from the Thunder Bay deposit is not rare, such perfectly fine, richly colored amethyst with any aesthetics is extremely uncommon on the market. This razor-sharp piece has an intense, grape-juice color to it that rivals the best color of Uraguay. Upon close inspection, minute specks of hematite inclusions are visible within - proving the location is indeed Canada, or one might think it was from Uraguay! A small amount of underlaying matrix is also unique to the Thunder Bay area. The piece displays well in moderate light, for color saturation, though shows better when backlit. It is a major piece for the location, and just a damned impressive amethyst specimen in any case, on its own merits. Joe Budd photos