Miniature, 5.0 x 4.5 x 3.5 cm
Victoria goldfields, Australia
This specimen is a nearly pure gold nugget, with only a little quartz matrix included within the gold. It is surprisingly HEAVY for the size. It is not rolled or tumbled as most Aussie nuggets, but rather formed in and remained in its "reef" location, with its original matrix. Because of this, it is very sharp and hackly. It has a bright, typical high-purity gold color to it. The mass is 149g, which is just a hair under 5 Troy ounces. The way that gold is going, maybe we shouldn't sell nuggets. Frankly, it is harder to replace them now at a fair price, even at the source. But this one came in a part exchange, and hence does not have to be marked up so much. And given the movement of bullion, it should do nicely on that count as well as being a nice specimen. I do not believe you could purchase this direct from the gold fields any cheaper than at spot plus 20%, minimum. Joe Budd photos