Andradite Var. Demantoid Garnet With Stilbite
Antetezambato, Ambanja District, Diana Region, Antsiranana Province, Madagascar
Miniature, 3.2 x 2.6 x 2.4 cm
A cluster of glassy and gemmy, brilliant green, demantoid crystals has grown on and with an ivory colored matrix of stilbite crystals, to 5 mm in length. The largest demantoid is 1 cm in length. This is an unbelievable melding of stilbite and demantoid in associatio - you don't see that from anywhere else I am aware of (nor is Dr. Pezzotta) and it seems another element of the geological puzzle that produced this locality. Most stilbite is micro, and very few specimens of any quality host both good demantoid and stilbite together. This is a superb, showy miniature, one of only 3 such association pieces I obtained. Even without the stilbite, though, the garnet is of very high quality, color intensity, and crystal size for the find. Although small overall, this is hands down one of my favorites in the lot.