Gold (Cubic Crystal)
Thumbnail, 2.2 x 1.6 x 1.1 cm
Lena River Basin, Bulun District, Polar Yakutia, Saha Republic, Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia
Ex. F. John Barlow

This superb thumbnail is a floater, with a remarkably clean, dramatic, 1.1-cm-tall cubic gold crystal perched upon another cubic crystal in parallel growth. The main crystal is hoppered and shows receding faces into the core of the cube. It is a classic, but very rare, habit for the species. This is a fullsized thumbnail that shows the form off well, and is competition-level. In person, it is much more dramatic and 3-dimensional, as well. This specimen is from the reknowned F John Barlow gold collection (which was dispersed in 1998-1999). Mass is about 12 grams. We see SO FEW cubic gold crystals for sale, this is an extreme rarity.