Talnakh Cu-Ni Deposit, Noril'sk, Putoran Plateau, Taimyr Peninsula, Taymyrskiy Autonomous Okrug, Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia
Miniature, 5.0 x 4.0 x 1.7 cm
WOW! This specimen is composed of about a dozen crystals of sperrylite from 5 mm to 17 mm in size, perched atop the rim of a well-trimmed matrix. It is tremendously aesthetic, especially as so many of these specimens have a too-massive look to them. The crystals have very bright luster that is so reflective it makes them look flat when shot for these photos. In person, the crystals are actually quite dazzling. All are pristine and perfect. The largest is 1.5 to 1.7 cm across depending on which edge you measure. Moreover, it is strikingly cuboctahedral in appearance and this quite dramatic. The lower-right photo shows a view of this crystal from the right side. The bottom-left shows a frontal view of the top ridge. 5 x 4 x 1.7 cm