Broken Hammer Deposit, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Thumbnail, 1.3 x 1.2 x 0.9 cm
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Sperrylite is well known from Russia from modern finds, and less well known from South Africa where some crystals were found 100 years ago. However, sharp sperrylite crystals also came from Canada, in just a few pockets over the last decades. Large crystals above 5 mm have been historically very rare, and significant for this platinum species from any locality other than Russia. For Canada, this single sharp crystal is not the largest known, but approaches the largest I have seen for sale and is a size and impact enough to make for a significant addition to any thumbnail display. It is sharp, shiny, and gorgeous. It is complete save for one ding on an edge, visible up close but not from afar. This was purchased directly from the Canadian miner at a Tucson show, and the rest of the lot he had (smaller crystals, some in matrix) went to another dealer and have since been on the market, and sold. This was the finest thumbnail crystal I had seen from the production, which was said to come out about a decade ago. There may be others, but they do not turn up for sale often, and mostly stayed in Canada.